Contact Us | AM 1460 WIXN

    GENERAL MANAGER - Al Knickrehm
    Al has been with WIXN for many years and is our as General Manager. When you have questions about the station, call or email Al.
    BUSINESS MANAGER - Kahla Davis
    Kahla grew up in Rock Falls and after graduating high school she joined the US Navy. She is proud of the 21 years she put in serving her country. Working at a radio station is new to her but she is excited to be part of the team.
    PROGRAM DIRECTOR - Steve Marco
    The music and programming you enjoy here is a result of Steve's many years of experience. Call or email Steve with your programming ideas and/or compliments.
    SPORTS DIRECTOR - Sam Ramirez
    Sam Ramirez has been the voice of sports for this area for 22 years. He announces ball games as well as brings you the latest news in local sports. Call or email Sam with your scores and sports news.
    NEWS DIRECTOR - Tim Garnhart
    Tim has been a voice heard throughout the Rock River Valley ever since he and his wife moved here in 1992.Tim was born and raised in Stillman Valley before moving to Los Angeles to work with the theatre company, Covenant Players. After traveling throughout the world with Covenant Players, he met his wife Judy and settled in Dixon to raise their family. Tim is a graduate of Judson University and has also extensive training in theatre. Also, he is the proud father of three wonderful children.
    NEWS - Nick Mahan
    Nick wears lots of hats here at the station. He has an on-air shift as well as compiling great information for the News Department. He's always willing to help out. Plus, he's a musician always looking for music. Let Nick know what's on your mind.
    NEWS FIELD REPORTER - Stephanie Binkley
    Stephanie's responsibles here include reporting the news in the field. Besides working at the radio stations, she says she spends her free time either loking up articles online to further improve her fashion sense or spending time with her family. Also, she enjoy reserching and reading about conspiracy theories, even though she doesn't have a stand on most of them. She is very excited about working here. 
    Ed's enthusiam and energy has garnered countless give-aways and promotions for our listeners. He has created enormous amounts of fun during his 25+ years here. And he even sells advertising! If you have a promotional idea or would like to advertise with us, call or email Ed.
    ADVERTISING SALES - Mike Morrissey
    When you want every penny you spend on advertising to work for you, talk with Mike. He is an expert at designing an advertising package suited to your needs and budget. Call or email Mike to discuss how radio can work for you.
    Wes is responsible for the website you're looking at. Also, he is the person who makes the commercials for you when you come to the station. Having been in radio for a long, long time and says he loves it as much as the day he started. Click here to email.