Program Schedule | River Country 101-7

  Rich Creeger | Midnight-5:00 AM  
  I’ve been involved in Country music since I was hired to be a bar back in the early 80’s at the World Famous Gilley’s nightclub in Pasadena, Texas during the height of the Urban Cowboy craze. Although Country music has gone through many variations since then it has always been the first preset on my radio because it still has the foundation of real stories told by real people about real life.   
  Scott Simon 5:00-6:00 AM  
  Sam Ramirez | 6:00-9:00 AM  
  Sam began working at River Country 101.7 in July 1994 and became the the morning DJ on WRCV-River Country 101.7 in August 2007. He also serves as the radio station's Sports Director and Public Service Announcement director. His show is full of great music, of course, with great interviews and upcoming concert news, plus Sam gives away more stuff to his listeners on the air than any other local radio station, and we all know that Free stuff is always high on the list for radio listeners everywhere!  
  Penny Mitchell | 9:00 AM-2:00 PM  
  I met my husband in college at the campus radio station. Our first date was a media banquet; we got engaged three months later. I am a voracious reader (I actually kind of hate television). I love to hike, I've climbed four of Colorado's 14,000 foot mountains. i love to travel. I love ALL kinds of music. i still think radio is absolutely magical. You flip a switch, you're suddenly no longer alone. It's amazing.  
  Tad Svendsen | 2:00 PM-7:00 PM  
  Tad's been known to spend too much money on cars and not enough on haircuts. He enjoys looking after the family farmland each summer. Tad is single but hasn't yet given up. He lives with his border collie Grady and just about every gadget he can find. He usually has two or three radios all playing at once and he's still looking for the best way to attach one to his handlebars.    

Nikki Walker 7:00 PM-12:00 AM


I'm a music junkie.  My entire life has revolved around music whether I was singing in choir, or dancing in a studio. It's not just an art form-- it is life to me. That's why I got into radio!  I had an epiphany one day while sitting in a history class in college... "why am I wasting time on something I'm not passionate about??" I immediately realized I needed to do something with music. That's when I applied to broadcasting school! I thrived in that environment so I made it a career.  I absolutely love my job and it's all because I'm passionate about it.  I love listening to all genres of music- not just country. If I could bring my dog Pip everywhere with me I would!  Camping, eating good food, and hanging out with buddies are what feed my soul. I'm a simple woman that loves outdoors and of course-- the music.