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2017 Listener Appreciation Qualifiers
Here's who has already qualified to attend this year's Listener Appreciation Party with a guest of their choice:
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Thanks to everyone who made our 2017 Listener Appreciation Party a great event. From our generous sponsors to all of you, our great listeners, a big thank you from all of us at River Country 101.7. We couldn't do what we do without all of you.

Monday, March 13th:

Steve Elgin of Coleta

Jan Perce of Dixon

Andrea Vickers of Rock Falls

Dillon Hemminger of Sterling

Christy Jablonsky of Sterling

Steve Barkley of Sterling

Chris Ekquist of Sterling

Christina Townsend of Sterling

Lisa Trujillo of Sterling

"Tuesday, March 14th:"**

Kathy Stern of Rock Falls

Lori McLindsay of Sterling

Cindy Jones of Morrison

Becky Vannatta of Dixon

Ashley Chavez of Dixon

Gina Babin of Prophetstown

Becca Koehler of Dixon

Larry Yingling of Polo

Wednesday, March 15th

Jeannie Barnhart of Erie

Ashley Schueler of Sterling

Cheyenne Hernandez of Rock Falls

Nick Russell of Sterling

Kathy Kerchner of Amboy

Christi Herbon of Rock Falls

Devin Brockwell of Dixon

Thursday, March 16th

Lisa Call of Sterling

Ryan Carlson of Dixon

Jen Heide of Sterling

Tiffany Bushaw of Deer Grove

Shelly Morris of Polo

Kim Tarbill of Sterling

Friday, March 17th

Mark Thomas of Dixon

Steve Stefani of Sterling

Sylvester Joyce of Amboy

Callie Knutsen of Sterling

Vickie Hubbard of Deer Grove

Lindsey Peterson of Rock Falls

Saturday, March 18th broadcast from The First National Bank in Amboy

Gary Knipple of Polo

Mary Jo Ridenhour of Dixon

Georgine Spohn of Ohio

Chuck Rogers of Dixon

Hilary Herbon of Sterling

Kathy Van Horn of Rock Falls

Brandy Imfeld of Dixon

Barb Halvorson of Chana

Sunday, March 19th

Ellen Connor of Sterling

Tiffanie Bushaw of Rock Falls

Erika Nelson of Dixon

Roxann Elder of Rock Falls

Janice Wetzell of Chadwick

Monday, March 20th

Stacie Shipma of Sterling

Mary Turner of Sterling

Andrea Mallhi of Sterling

Nancy Mayoral of Rock Falls

Michele Riesselman of Sterling

Susan Bock of Dixon

Loni McKinney of Sterling

Tuesday March 21st

Tom Turner of Tampico

Corinna Eisenberg of Galena

Gayla Weaver of Rock Falls

Chad Korstick of Rock Falls

Angela Williamson of Sterling

Tracy Van Horn of Tampico

Keith Jones of Dixon

Amber Phelps of Dixon

Wednesday, March 22nd

Denny Parvin of Rock Falls

Rachel Bailey of Dixon

Jamie Harris of Dixon

Gayle Davidson of Sterling

Brent Liston of Polo

Kaitlyn Spencer of Dixon

Michelle Montanez of Rock Falls

Thursday, March 23rd

Brad Holloway of Dixon

Joe Kellen of Dixon

Barb Thompson of Sterling

Pamela McKenna of Sterling

Claudia Garcia of Sterling

Wendy Rienstra of Dixon

Tiffany Powell of Tampico

Greg Johnson of Dixon

Friday, March 24th

Cindy Knight of Rock Falls

Nancy Henegar of Dixon

Laurie Pace of Sterling

Lawrence Albee of Amboy

Mackenzie Landes of Rock Falls

Janet Crombie of Mt. Morris

Tara Ordean of Rock Falls

Saturday, March 25th broadcast from Sterling Chevrolet

Sarah Imfeld of Dixon

Lee Bryan Butts of Rock Falls

JoAnn Hardin of Dixon

Cody Van Buskirk of Rock Falls

Ann DeWaele of Walnut

Christine Beck of Sterling

Olivia Gilkey of Sterling

Carla Walters of Rock Falls

Monday, March 27th

Brandie Zell of Oregon

Jane Melendres of Rock Falls

Donna Kiel of Morrison

Beth Lancaster of Sterling

Britney Keehler of Oregon

Kelly Jones of Dixon

Mary Dixon of Sterling

Terry Schmitto of Amboy

Jodi Stern of Rock Falls

Tuesday, March 28th

Joe McKenna of Mendota

Kelly Gulbranson of Woosung

Penny Williamson of Rock Falls

Chuck Bell of Sterling

Alicia Gulbranson of Dixon

Charlene Lampert of Dixon

Denyce Swanson of Rock Falls

Debbie Bay of Dixon

Wednesday, March 29th

Roberta Blackburn of Dixon

Jacob Saathoff of Rock Falls

Amanda Hatten of Rock Falls

Christine Mighell of Dixon

Pamela Murphy of Dixon

Amanda Dowd of Rock Falls

Holly Schreiner of Sterling

Garrett Melton of Sterling

Thursday, March 30th

Jessica Walters of Rock Falls

Dave Glazier of Sterling

Shane Bufford of Dixon

Tamara Holcomb of Morrison

Sonia Davis of Sterling

Vanessa Simmons of Farmington

Andrea Walls of Rock Falls

Friday, March 31st

Roberta Hamilton of Dixon

Craig McClure of Woosung

John Schultheis of Dixon

Gail Kerchner Sr. of Dixon

Nichole Dugger of Rock Falls

Chesley Cooksey of Dixon

Theresa Fritz of Rock Falls

Melissa Clark of Dixon

Saturday, April 1st broadcast from Harold's Furniture in Rock Falls

Alice Shuman of Rock Falls

Donna Behrens of Sterling

Roberta Magnafici of Dixon

Heidi Everly of Rock Falls

Laura Wade of Rock Falls

Sue Smith of Sterling

Tiffany Vondersmith of Dixon

Emily Garrick of Rock Falls

Donna Jaggers of Harmon

Pearl Cannon of Rock Falls

Sunday, April 2nd

Leslie Burke of Dixon

Brynn Schneider of Sterling

Steven Devine of Oregon

Monday, April 3rd

Kelly Touiri of Sterling

Jenny Kerchner of Oregon

Kimberly Velazquez of Rock Falls

Amanda Schommer of Sterling

Jenny Sollers of Dixon

Kamara Elliott of Chana

Natasha Schwarz of Rock Falls

Monique Ovalle of Sterling

Tuesday, April 4th

Chase Williamson of Rock Falls

Stephanie Lucas of Dixon

Jen Howard of Dixon

Mark Callison of Dixon

Doug Hopkins of Lindenwood

Wednesday, April 5th

Steve Noble of Amboy

Christy Settles of Franklin Grove

Charlotte Henson of Sterling

Dylan Overson of Dixon

Sue Garcia of Dixon

Beth Johnson of Sterling

Thursday, April 6th

Lori Lauer of Dixon

Pam Ehredt of Rock Falls

Mandie Hand of Rock Falls

Cody Smith of Streator

Stacy Tufte of Sterling

Angie Thomas of Dixon

Amber Hadaway of Sterling

Julie Denning of Rock Falls

April Knowles of Sterling

Friday, April 7th

Karla Petersen of LaMoille

Gene Apple of Sterling

Yolanda Thurm of Rock Falls

Rebecca Weber of Sterling

Barb Schmiedebush of Dixon

Connie Hoyle of Dixon

Hillary Grove of Sterling

Mariah Davis of Franklin Grove

Saturday, April 8th broadcast from Frary Lumber in Sterling

Brandy Haer of Sterling

Jay Jackley of Rock Falls

Chery Forster of Morrison

Keith Brandt of Morrison

Courtney Tate of Sterling

Hope Kagan of Amboy

Marti Wood of Tampico

Angela Hanson of Harmon

Tom Dugger of Rock Falls

Sunday, April 9th

Michelle Johnson of Dixon

Brandy Leopard of Rock Falls

Jennifer Rojop of Sterling

Kayla Koester of Sterling

Monday, April 10th

Denetra Bock of Dixon

Marlene Flynn of Rock Falls

Brett Schmall of Dixon

Ginny McPerryman of Sterling

Rita Jones of Dixon

Vicki Sheets of Dixon

Rebecca Ranken of Dixon

Kimberly McClanahan of Ashton

Tuesday, April 11th

Julie Helfrich of Dixon

Diane Martin of Sterling

LeAnne Blase of Rock Falls

Kelly Davis of Tampico

Marvin Blixt of Rock Falls

Blaine McClellan of Dixon

Anna Point of Polo

Carly Holloway of Tampico

Wednesday, April 12th

Billy Martin of Sterling

Jessica Smith of Tampico

Jeff Johnson of Rock Falls

Julie Kessel of Sublette

Billie Udell of Sterling

Leslie Davidson of Dixon

Jared Kaecker of Franklin Grove

Kelly Schwartz of Forreston

Kodie Johnson of Sterling

Thursday, April 13th

Tabitha Berogan of Franklin Grove

Bobby Jo Goldsboro of Dixon

Deseray Bausman of Rock Falls

Shauna Patridge of Sterling

Jamie Walls of Dixon

Suzanne Hook of Dixon

Amber Kuster of Dixon

Erin Fox of Franklin Grove

Krymson Hodge of Dixon

Sherry Brown of Franklin Grove

Friday, April 14th

Brad Noble of Dixon

Jennifer Floto of Dixon

Destini Elmendorf of Dixon

Shawn Clevenger of Sterling

Alicia Hurd of Sterling

Mandy Johnson of Rock Falls

Brad Bennett of Dixon

Kayla Galvan of Dixon

Jenn Wilson of Dixon

Robin Woessner-Palmer of Milledgeville

Saturday, April 15th broadcast from Jim Prescott's BBQ Shop

John Reile of Sterling

Sharon Feary of Dixon

Shon Garza of Rock Falls

Tracy Kuhn of Sterling

Holly Knutsen of Sterling

Mike Martinez of Sterling

Tom MeKeel of Dixon

Stacy Cole of Dixon

Sunday, April 16th

Jenni Grygiel of Dixon

Tammy Hunsberger of Sterling

Tracey Tucker of Sterling

Karin Floto of Dixon

Mindy Bartow of Rock Falls

Jeff Daniels of Sublette

Monday, April 17th

Gary Schick of Franklin Grove

Felicia Carter of Dixon

Jared Wetzell of Rock Falls

Lindsay Daniels of Amboy

Linda Elmendorf of Dixon

Greg Noble of Amboy

Heather Grobe of Dixon

Ashleigh Kloepping of Savanna

Wendy Jones of Sterling

Tabatha Near of Amboy

Cyndi West of Forreston

Mary Smith of Dixon

Amber Hoskins of Dixon

Chelsey Asbury of Sterling

April Richardson of Amboy

Tuesday, April 18th

Corrine Gray of Sterling

Sandy Crain of Dixon

Tammy Lund of Dixon

Jenny Thayer of Sterling

Kathy Williams of Rock Falls

Tahwnee Spencer of Rock Falls

Bree Tedrick of Rock Falls

Heidi Dunn of Sterling

Ricky Martinez of Polo

Hope Jayne of Sterling

Steve Persona of Dixon

Stephanie Thompson of Sterling

Eric Reiss of Dixon

Wednesday, April 19th

Kevin Wolf of Franklin Grove

Christina Ruth of Sterling

Chris Wilcox of Franklin Grove

Ashlynn Eshelman of Dixon

Jeri Weigel of Rock Falls

Janet Bright of Eldena

Johnnie Sigel of Rock Falls

Susie Wheeler of Rock Falls

Lizanne Baxter of Dixon

Joe Gleissner of Ashton

Jena White of Sublette

Thursday, April 20th:

Jim Jablonsky of Rock Falls

Kate Brown of Morrison

Olivia McCombs of Rock Falls

Bridget Willet if Sterling

Amanda Ganze of Dixon

Richard Harris of Amboy

Marci Near of Rock Falls

Steven Harden of Dixon

Melody Shirley of Franklin Grove

Amanda Gould of Rock Falls

Friday, April 21st

Ethan Smit of Rock Falls

Crystal Latigo of Sterling

Matt Higley of Dixon

Heather Becker of Byron

Nick Robinson of Rock Falls

Ryan Dean of Dixon

Ramona Reyes of Dixon

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