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Sterling Mayor Trys to Put Optimistic View on Closing of JC Penney
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It was announced on Friday the JC Penney store at Northland Mall made a list it does not want to be on. The corporate headquarters of the chain released a list of 138 stores around the country it plans to close and Sterling made the list.

People expressed sadness and dismay at the announcement. Sterling Mayor Skip Lee said he was surprised and yet he wasn’t. He added that he has heard talk in recent years that the store might close, but, he said the talk was always vague. He further pointed out the store did not show any of the signs of a store about to be closed.

Lee also said if there was anything the city could do to prevent the closure of the store it would have done it. But, the decision was made at the corporate level.

The mayor said the closure is a tragic thing, especially for those people who will soon be out of a job, but, he is hoping to turn it into a opportunity. Lee said the city will do all it can to assist the owners of the mall with their efforts to bring replacement retailers to the mall.

Lee said the closure of JC Penney is nothing new because it has happened in Sterling before. He pointed out the closure of the K-Mart, Ryan’s, Toy Stores as well as FYI. He said all of these businesses seemed to have good business, but, to the corporate executives it was not good enough.

He also mentioned that this is an example of the need for retail chains needing to learn how to do business in an ever increasing world of online shopping.

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