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Getting Fire Prevention Message to the Family Through the Kids
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One of the most frightening things any home owner can experience is a fire. If for some reason a fire alarm has gone off in your home you know the sudden rush of fear that goes through you.

This is Fire Prevention Week and the Dixon Fire Departments have been going to area elementary schools to teach about fire safety to 3rd grade students. The thought is the kids will take the information back to the parents.

Dixon City Fire Chief Tim Shipman says part of the exercise they teach the kids is the importance of this year’s themes. They are Every Second Counts and Have Two Ways to Get Out.

Shipman says every second counts are due to the fact homes today are filled with items that burn very quickly. This means a family has only seconds sometimes to get everyone out of the house.

Shipman said each family needs to have an escape route and they ask the kids to go home and work out with the other family members not just one escape route, but multiple escape routes.

To go along with the escape route is the need for a meeting place. This way everyone knows where to go and you are certain everyone is out of the house.

Shipman says they teach the kids to have the family practice their escape routes and make sure everyone knows what to do in case of a fire.


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