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Dixon High School Will Not Promote Walkout or Discipline Students Who Protest
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In Florida one month ago, a gunman entered Stoneman Douglas High School and killed 17 members of the student body and staff. The incident has sparked heated debate on gun control and school safety.

In response to this, a scheduled nationwide student walkout protest has been planned. On Wednesday morning from 10:01-10:18 students and staff have been encouraged to walk out of their classes to show support for the victims.

Many schools in the area have differing ways they plan to deal with this. At Dixon High School, Principal Dr. Michael Grady said he spoke with the student council. Grady told the council and then the student body, in a video on the school website, the high school does not promote the walk out.

However, he said if students do wish to participate, they can move silently out into the hall and they will not be disciplined. He further stated they will be responsible for any information they miss from their class.

Grady said they do encourage all students to be able to voice and express their opinion. However, he said the Dixon way is to show respect to opinions that differ from our own.

Grady encouraged the students to get involved in the political system and to exercise their right to vote. Grady said this is the best way to bring about change. He admitted that change sometimes comes very slowly, but he added, perseverance is something they teach at Dixon High School


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